Cinnamon Whisky

Lovable Birdroe

Name: Cinnamon Whisky (Rezul Silverplum)
Age: 37
Birthday: 30th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon
Race: Roegadyn-Ixal Halfbreed
Gender: Genderfliud
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship: Married (Open)
Height: 7'5"
Weight: 560 lbs
Passions: Entertainment, Exploration, Literature
Peeves: Bigotry, Unnecessary Drama, Passive-Aggressiveness
With a jolly demeanor and a chonky figure, Cinnamon is all about experiencing life to the fullest and enjoying as many moments of it as possible. Ever the optimist, he strives to spread positive vibes and feel-good energy throughout the world while thoroughly enjoying everything the world has to offer.

Born to a roegadyn mother and ixal father, Cinnamon spent his childhood in a very close-knit community comprised of various races including "beastmen" all living together in an isolated village in Abalathia's Spine. This fortunate upbringing, along with his own mixed-race parentage, has resulted in his kind, welcoming nature and extreme distaste of bigotry.The child of a miner and a carpenter, he always had an affinity for gathering and craftsmanship, and enjoys sharing the fruits of his artisanal knowledge with people. He is also well versed in Lithomancy, having been taught the arcane arts from a very young age.Cinnamon often dreamed of seeing the world one day, and immensely enjoyed the stories and souvenirs gifted to him by his maternal aunt, an adventurer who would go on to fight alongside the Maelstrom in the Battle of Carteneau. Taking inspiration from her in the wake of her noble sacrifice, he finally said his goodbyes and left his home to follow in her footsteps.Since leaving his village, he has experienced much and more; he has mastered the Kriegstanz and learned summoning magicks, allied himself with a voidsent to become a Reaper, and even fought alongside the Warrior of Light on numerous occasions. He has made many close friends, fallen in love and become Eternally Bonded, and found steady employment in the entertainment field. While he has settled down to some extent, he remains an adventurer at heart, and will not hesitate to accept opportunities to carry on his aunt's legacy.